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Everyone has a different level of driving ability and degree of confidence when they start out learning to drive. Whatever your level, Lavery Driving School can provide you with the correct level of support and training to suit your requirements. Contact us and we can help you decide which of the following courses meet your needs. Lavery Driving School offers the option of either manual or automatic training vehicles.

 Intermediate Course:

A 20-30 hour course may be suitable for pupils who have had some previous experience of driving, have an understanding of basic car control and knowledge of the Highway Code.

 Intensive Course:

For pupils who have a greater experience, but who may still require refinement of certain skills or knowledge we recommend a 10-20 hour course.

 Pass Plus:

For pupils who have passed the DVSA Practical Driving Test and wish to gain driving experience in many additional situations above those required for the DVSA Practical Driving Test (ie Motorway Driving). Pass Plus is a DVSA developed course conducted by DVSA Pass Plus Registered ADI’s following a minimum of 6 hours additional driving tuition.

Please contact us to discuss this training further.

 Motorway Lessons:

Please contact us for details of training available.

 Refresher Driving Lessons:

Please contact us for details of training available.

All of our courses come with FREE Theory and Hazard Perception Test Training.

 Standard Course:

We recommend that a learner driver with no driving experience should undertake a course in the region of 30-40 hours of tuition with our instructors to ensure that they reach the high standard required to pass the current DVSA Practical Driving Test. Once you have started with your instructor you can work together to agree a time scale and number of lessons you will require each week to gain skill and confidence and to reach your goal.